Uruk 2.0 XFCE Edition

One day, a wise woman said: " You can't convince all people to Eat Just One type of cake", We know that the cakes we made is delicious and convenient, But tastes different from one person to another, For this reason we made another kind of Cake it's Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0, XFCE Edition

Some features:

  • Xfce 4.12 as window manager with Uruk 2.0 Customization
  • Some default xfce4 apps like (mousepad, thunar file manager, xfburn ....)
  • Some Uruk project apps like Uruk cleaner, RoseCrypt and AIA
  • Upms (uruk package manager simulater)
  • UCC (uruk control center)
  • Software center with Synaptic Package Manager
  • Some Extra apps like (ffmulticonverter, deluge, vlc, engrampa archive manager, Abrowser, Libreoffice5, rhythumbox, .... )
  • Lightdm as a display manager

you can find the download links in our website : from here

Please Help us if you find any bugs or issues by reporting it via mailinglist or bugtracker

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