First free software and Uruk project event in Iraq

With the help of Al-nahrain University Department of information engineering Finally we made first free software event in Iraq on 5-april-2017 It was a big event the first talk under title: ((Free software and GNU Project)) by Ali Abdulghani In this talk We talked about :

  • the definition of free software
  • four essential freedoms
  • History of free software
  • GNU Project
  • Free software properties
  • How to profit from free software
  • Free software example
  • The difference between free software and open source

the second talk under title: ((Uruk project and Uruk GNU/Linux )) by Hayder majid In this talk We talked about :

  • the definition of Uruk Project
  • History of Uruk Project
  • Uruk Project Goals
  • Projects that make Uruk Project
  • Uruk GNU/Linux
  • Uruk GNU/Linux contents
  • Uruk GNU/Linux properties
  • How To Contribute

    in the end There was a discussion between us and attendees about free software and Uruk Project

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