Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0

if we Solved a lot of problems, if we coding for Thousand hours, if we build good free Distro, There's some much we can free. . . . . These were just wishes and dreams For small people in this great universe This was the start, But we stop dreaming and wishing. and start coding, To achieve our dreams , The ideas started flowing, Like the waters of the river.

we made uruk project, and build Uruk GNU/Linux 1.0, It was unuxpectable big success .

Been a long time for this event,

We grew up, and the project grew up with us.

At this time we worked a lot, and we made great changes.

The big change came today, yes today, it's Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 "lugalbanda" , We use "lugalbanda" as a code name for this release, lugalbanda is a character found in Sumerian mythology and literature in ancient Iraqi history Read more .

it's came with many changes like :

1- Build new repository for Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0

2- linux-libre 4.9.66 lts

3- gcc 7

4- mate 1.12.1

5- Abrowser 57

6- New welcome screen

7- replace MDM with LightDM as a default DM

8- New control center

9- Guix Installer

10- New customization with new themes,cursor and wallpapers.

11- Came with many useful apps as default like:

thunderbird, deluge, ffmulticonverter, vlc, libreoffice, rose crypt, uruk cleaner, AIA, diskman indicator, lightdm setting, gimp, upms, . . . and more.

download it: https://urukproject.org/dist/index.html

if you have any Bug or Issues: https://urukproject.org//bt/login_page.php

if you have any suggestions or missing packages, you can send it via mailing list.

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